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Liquid Injection Barium Selenate Suspension 17.5%
Liquid Injection Barium Selenate Suspension 17.5%
Liquid Injection Barium Selenate Suspension 17.5%
(Item No.:LI001)

Each ml contains:
Barium selenate…………………175mg (equivalent to selenium 50mg/ml).
For the treatment and prevention of selenium deficiency in sheep and cattle for up to 12 months.
Dosage and administration
By subcutaneous injection only into the neck area.
1ml per 50kg bodyweight, equivalent to 1mg selenium per kg bodyweight. The following table is intended as a guide:
Lambs at weaning 0.5 ml
Sheep 1-2 ml
Calves 1-2 ml
Young cattle 3-8 ml
Adult cattle 6-10 ml
When treating a large number of animals, a suitable multiple dose injector must be used. Do not exceed the recommended dosage.
Levels of selenium in individual animals can vary broadly with time, hence it is advisable to establish the selenium status of the animal prior to treatment.
Shake pack well before use to ensure resuspension of contents.
Cattle and Sheep
Meat – Zero days
Milk – Zero days
The injection site should be removed at slaughter which is easily identified by the discolouration caused by the yellow ferric oxide in the product.
For animal treatment only.
Do not store above 25℃. Protect from light. Once opened the product should be used within one working day. Discard unused product.