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Note the use of penicillin veterinary medicine

Mechanism of action of penicillin veterinary medicine interference bacterial cell wall synthesis. The cell wall synthesis occurs in the breeding of bacteria. So penicillin veterinary drugs for breeding of bacteria kill. Such veterinary medicine, also known as the breeding season bactericidal drugs. Veterinary drug penicillin is widely used in clinical practice. But if used improperly. Not only would not achieve a therapeutic effect. And will delay treatment. Even cause unnecessary economic losses.

The use of penicillin veterinary drugs should note the following:

1. strictly controlled medication range. Penicillin G for most Gram-positive bacteria cause disease. Such as respiratory infections, erysipelas, anthrax, septicemia have a good effect. Variety of spirochetes, and actinomycetes have strong antibacterial effect. Oxacillin, dicloxacillin, the respiratory benzathine penicillin G-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infections caused by mastitis, wound infection and sepsis have a reliable effect.

2. Select the appropriate route of administration. The vast majority of veterinary drugs for acid-labile penicillins. Oral easily destroyed by stomach acid and digestive enzymes. Therefore, the effect of poor oral or invalid. Penicillins veterinary medicine the most suitable route of administration is by intramuscular injection. Quickly and completely absorbed after intramuscular injection, and effective.

3. Note that the allergic reaction. Penicillin veterinary drugs used in animal organism in general no adverse reactions. But for individual livestock occasionally have an allergic reaction. In severe cases, anaphylactic shock can produce. Livestock allergies to horses, mules, pigs, dogs and other common. Shortly after the injection occurs sweat, excitement restlessness, muscle tremors, rapid heartbeat, difficulty breathing, staggering, convulsions and other symptoms. Therefore, in the course of medication should be observed. Such as allergic reactions, should immediately stop the medication. Meanwhile, with the adrenaline or dexamethasone for emergency treatment.

4. penicillin potassium should intravenously, intramuscularly should be carried out. When using penicillin potassium should also note that changes in serum potassium animals. Generally prohibits a lot of use, especially for hyperkalemia Huanxu disabled.

5. penicillin injection veterinary drugs should not be fasting. So as a result of low blood sugar caused Huanxu fainting.

6. should not arbitrarily increase the dose. Large doses or large doses of penicillin veterinary medicine. Can interfere with blood clotting mechanism and cause bleeding or cause central nervous system toxicity. Animals caused convulsions, incontinence, and even paralysis and other symptoms. Can also induce rapid decomposition resistant penicillin β- lactamase. So in the veterinary clinic should be strictly controlled the correct use and dosage. ,

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