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Flux Description And Active Flux Features

Onion aroma, Xin Wen. People's daily life, eating vegetables and spices. The traditional Chinese medicine theory and practice and modern research shows. Green onions have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and stomach action. Cold nose and colds, and influenza virus inhibition.

Per 100 grams of leaf green onions contain vitamin A0.05 mg of vitamin C20.2 mg, 2.4 g protein, 0.3 g fat, 9.8 g carbohydrates, 8.6 grams of total sugar which calcium 4.6 g, 3.9 g of phosphorus, iron 0.1 mg, amino acids 0.0298 mg. Very rich in nutritional value.

Currently in the livestock and poultry breeding, inadequate intake and utilization is not high that is a major problem encountered by farmers. Because the leaves are rich in biologically active substances onion and vitamins. Can directly promote digestion and absorption of nutrients.

In everyday life, people mainly eat onions and a little onion leaf stems. Most of onion leaves are discarded. Especially in the winter before winter storage onions. The number of abandoned scallion leaves giant is considerable. If the onion leaf development and utilization as animal feed. Leaf green onions will be an important source of feed. Further tests proved that a certain amount of dietary scallion leaves. You can play to improve the palatability of feed. Increase the amount of livestock feed, promote digestion and absorption, accelerate animal growth, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, deworming and other disease prevention and health effects.

All drugs have a three-drug. Green and healthy farm animals, that is a necessary trend now

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