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Veterinary medicine physical incompatibility

Physical, that certain drugs together with physical changes occur. Mainly for the change in appearance of the drug.

Separation of drugs by mixing two liquids, soon decomposition. Paraffin oil or liquid mixed with water. A little stand, divided into two layers. Thus, when the sub-sub-medication, it will cause a dose allowed. So that the efficacy of medication is reduced or lost meaning.

Precipitation phenomenon of the two drugs mixed liquid. Precipitated one of the drugs or make liquid cloudy. This not only affects the efficacy. But also changed its concentration. Camphor mixed alcohol and water. Due to changes in the concentration of the solvent to precipitate leaving camphor. Reducing the concentration affect efficacy.

Deliquescence phenomenon containing water of crystallization of the drug. When the co-grinding as sodium and aluminum acetate. Deliquescence phenomenon will be presented. This is due to the precipitation of crystalline water and lose efficacy.

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